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You got this!

Here we are, late in 2020, and it seems our local communites, our country, and our world as a whole, are all muddling through day by day with the challenges of the pandemic. Some days it feels like "these COVID days" will never end, and almost everything is uncertain. My 3 year old daughter, who is growing up amidst these strange times, reminds us daily to keep on moving, keep on trying new things and keep on living our best life as she screams with exuberance, "You got this!!"

From inside my home... I can tell you, we often struggle with sleep, we miss our friends, we miss hugs with everyone, and we are nervous to go most places outside of our home. We yearn for big pieces of our pre-covid life! We are doing our best to stay healthy and well, but often question if it is enough. When I offer to help Magnolia with just about anything, she says in her most determined, powerful voice, "I can do this!!" I am constantly struck by her fierce mind, body and soul. Her positive intention and outgoing spirit help drive us forward as a family. She contributes to our state of wellbeing more than she will ever know. What is helping you during these especially difficult times? I would truly like to know if you have the time and energy to respond to this email.

Strange thought...At least we can be grateful COVID is happening now, in a time when we have a myriad of ways to connect with friends , family, loved ones, clients, teachers, students, colleagues and peers. We still DO have each other in many ways. Can you imagine how much more isolated we would all feel if we didn't have our virtual communities right now?

Magnolia often says, "I gotchoo," when she craves closeness or gives her love to us. She expresses herself proudly in short, meaningful prases. She is teaching us how to stay connected, how to stand by each other, and how to to give love.

In Magnolia's words..."I gotchoo."

I am here. Join me for a free virtual consultation to see if I am the right person to help support you with your health and wellness goals for 2021.

Together, we can accomplish great things.

Send me an email:

Love and peace, Jenny

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