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Unearth Yourself in 2022

On these last days of 2021, what are you most grateful for in your life?


Start here.

Take a moment to breathe. Bring one thing to mind that you are grateful for and hold it in your breath.

Feel your feet on the ground or low back in the chair. You are being held as you breathe.

Feel your breath moving in past your lips. Notice the sounds in the room. Lengthen your exhales.

Stay in this moment. Continue to breathe into your belly. Take deep breaths into whatever you are grateful today.

If it feels right, place your hands together and rub to them briskly together. Then, place a hand on or near your heart or your belly. None of this is essential. Do what feels right for you.

I invite you to close your eyes or soften your gaze and look away from your screen. Listen to your breath. Listen to your life force. Give yourself permission to rest for several minutes. Be patient with yourself. Be grateful for your breath.

Pause a bit longer.

Maybe jot some thoughts down in a notebook. Be sure to focus on the sensations in your body, rather than the thoughts that come in to your head. The body holds great wisdom beyond what the mind tells us.

When you are ready, come back to this post. Don't forget to come back in your quiet, peaceful state! ;-)

Let's try this again...

At the end of 2021, what are you feeling most grateful for in your life?

Gratitude brings us to the present moment and reminds us what is important in our lives. Gratitude is essential to embracing peace amidst the chaos of life and making clear decisions for the future.

My coaching clients learn to use gratitude as a tool to help them shift from:

...overwhelmed worriers to... fierce warriors

...mentally and physically unsure or restless to... powerful decision makers small to... confident women living BIG lives

...struggling with blocks and fears to ... full body freedom and complete health!

Now let me ask you this...

In 2022, do you want to be UNSTOPPABLE, FIERCE and POWERFUL - the TRUE EMBODIMENT of who you were always meant to be? If the answer is yes, read on...

My Story…

For too many years to count, I felt alone, overwhelmed, and trapped, looking for answers on how to heal from my own trauma, grief, stress, and anxieties. I knew the power to face this was within me, but I didn’t know how to unearth it. I was constantly trying to fit into what others needed me to be and hiding my emotions. Everyday was a struggle. Joy felt unattainable.

I needed help.

I learned from gifted coaches, therapists, teachers and mentors that I already had what I needed to thrive. I discovered how to feel, breathe, and move through my pain using meditation, movement, and yoga. I slowed down my life to give myself the space to listen to my needs, wants and desires, to transform my struggles into growth, build and nurture my resilience, and discover my strengths and gifts.

I began to hear the voice of my wisdom. I stepped into my power.

I STOPPED listening to what others thought I should be and STARTED transforming into my true self.

I discovered that I am an empath and highly-sensitive person. I went from having pain inside and out, to being healthy and well in my body, mind and soul. I made dramatic shifts, from being worried, full of despair and living in survival mode, to being a warrior who is energized and thriving.


I wake up each morning feeling a freedom and peacefulness in my life that is beyond anything I would have dared to dream. You can too!

I am Jenny Baltazar, Transformational Embodiment Coach & Yoga Psychologist. I believe we all have GREAT courage, beauty, wisdom, strength, resilience, and power, inside of us, waiting to be unearthed. We just need to deeply listen to our body's wisdom to heal and grow into the fullest expression of who we can be in our lifetime. The process is simple, but deeply powerful.

I help people feel more empowered in their lives by unearthing their ability to heal themselves.

Transformation experiences in my coaching program:

*Learn to embody your emotions through listening, meditation, and movement

*Release blocks and fears to shift your mindset and unearth your wisdom

*Integrate ancient whole body healing approaches for modern health struggles

*Receive prescriptive yoga, mindful movement, and meditation for living with stress, worry or overwhelm

*Master self healing to tap into your inner wisdom for lifelong whole body health

I look forward to supporting you on your own personal transformational journey. Book a Free Discovery Call and begin to unearth yourself:

Please email me anytime with questions:

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