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Stay Fiercely Connected

I invite you to breathe with me. Take deep breaths in and out through your nose. Keep breathing fully and exhale completely. The long exhales bring your body and mind into a more balanced state.

Your exhales are one of your human superpowers. Embrace the exhale! The exhale will help you feel more safe and calm. The exhale will bring you back to center. The exhale will encourage you to stay fiercely connected to the present moment.

As someone who meditates, I often reflect on the power of my breath. Over the course of my lifetime, I have experienced times of intense emotional struggle. The trauma and grief were, and still can be, excruciatingly painful. However, I am still standing, still breathing, still living, and beautifully thriving. Each time I feel, sense and move through pain, I try to remember to breathe deeply, either by myself or with a loved one. (Breathing in the present moment, by yourself, holds its' own amazing gifts. When you pair breathing and connection with another, the effect is limitless.) Staying fiercely connected to the present moment has taught me how to live my life more fully, more gracefully, and more in alignment with my soul's purpose. I know in my heart and soul that post traumatic growth is possible. I am living proof.

When we live through deep emotional pain such as; trauma, loss (of any kind), or grief, our bodies learn to live in survival mode. Our sense of safety is turned upside down. We may feel immobilized and hide away, actively express anger and jump into fights, run away from connection, or endlessly try to make other people happy and ignore our own needs. When we are living in survival mode, our breath, our body, our mind, and our emotions are all dysregulated. These are adaptive and normal patterns of response to create a feeling of safety for ourselves. Our bodies remember intense emotional experiences, even if we are not conscious of it in our minds. Most of us have adopted one or more of these approaches to living. You are not alone.

Throughout my process of healing, I often come back to my breath. I know now that if I have a safe space with support to stay with a feeling, an emotion, or a sensation, and breathe deeply, I can move through the panic or pain. The more I stay in the present moment, with curiosity, patience, and an open-mind; my confusion, anxiety and overwhelm shift to spaciousness, clarity, and creativity. After this shift, I am able to move through my day with more ease and less stress. This process is essential to my wellbeing and I want to share it with you.

The challenges of my lifetime, led me to the place, here and now, to serve women as a Creative Resilience & Empowerment Coach. Today, I am a coach, who supports women to breathe, move, heal, and transform their lives. I am here holding space for you.

When I stay fiercely connected to the moment, my true essence feels safer, calmer, and more peaceful. Everyday, I am creating a new pattern of energy and living with less fear, sadness, and worry. I am creating more resilience, more connection, and more love for myself, my partner, and my children. I am here to show you that healing, growth, and transformation are possible after trauma and loss. The path to get there is winding, but it's raw and real and beautiful too.

You have the power within you to pause in the space between letting go of the past and rushing into the future. Be brave with me in January, for the launch of the Thrive Collective - a group of women growing and blooming together! You deserve to take a journey to the center of Self and embrace your own inner wisdom.

Connect with the Thrive Collective... to harness your gifts, nurture your patterns of resilience, truly embody wellness, step into your power, and discover more joy!

Registration Opens November 15th

Email me for details:

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