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Raising Drakainas

Together, we will raise girls (and children who identify as girls)

to be healthy empowered humans, who embody their wild spirit

and embrace their internal magic.








Human stress is normal.  The stress response in the body is vital for our bodies ability to respond to a wide range experiences.  There is positive stress and negative stress. Positive stress motivated us and signals growth. Negative stress leads to emotional and physical discomfort in the body.  When negative stress is chronic, it can have lasting affects on the body system.  The nervous system is overworked and you may become anxious. Parents, caregivers, and children all experience some level of stress, worry and/or overwhelm, our children, teens, and young women  need us more than ever.

In my Raising Drakaina's Coaching Group we will come together in an intimate setting to dive deep into the

heart and soul of parenting girls. 

Join us for this 6 week Online Coaching Group where we will deep dive into the heart and soul of what it means to raise a girl (or child who identifies as a girl) in today's world!  Sessions are from the comfort of your own home which allows you the freedom of time and space you need to learn new ways to nurture and develop your relationship with your daughter, grandaughter, niece etc.  

I created Raising Drakainas Coaching Group to offer parents a supportive space to discuss the unique challenges and gifts of parenting girls in today's world...

I am here to coach, teach, support, and empower you as a parent, so you may: 
- learn new tools to live in wellness; with less stress and anxiety around parenting
-feel more confident having difficult, overwhelming or seemingly embarrassing conversations with your daughter 
-move through fear and build resilience with your daughter
-help her discover her own path to empowered independence 
-learn ways to model sacred discernment that are healthy for both you and your daughter
-move from a survival-based parenting mindset to a thriving parenting mindset

*Important: All internet and privacy policies will be strictly enforced. Also, all group members are required to sign a form protecting the confidentiality of personal information shared within the group.  

Online Coaching Group Price includes: 6 Week Group + 1 Private Session with Jenny before the group begins.



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