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My Journey


I am Jenny Baltazar, the creator of the Urgent Soul Care movement


I believe in the power of you! I am here to encourage you, teach you, support you, empower you, and remind you...

YOU have unlimited potential to move through your fears, discover your true joy, and flourish into your wild and free, beautiful self!

I am a widow, mother of three girls, writer, speaker, mental health counselor and trauma-informed coach,

yoga psychologist, massage therapist, birth doula,

Reiki master, meditation teacher and aromatherapist.


I am here to support you. I will help you restore confidence, nurture resilience, and build loving, conscious relationships through difficult life transitions.  Transform YOUR life from living in struggle and overwhelm, to thriving with emotional freedom, 

feeling seen, and discovering more joy everyday!

I am a Seeker,

a Warrior, 

a Visionary.

I struggled through most of my teens and 20's in a state of post-traumatic stress, chronic fatique, and complex digestive discomfort. As I came into young adulthood,

I searched in every direction for relief.

I desperately needed help for both my physical and emotional distress, but I also wanted and needed

 to understand the root cause of my pain. 

In college, I studied psychology, women's health, massage therapy, counseling, and community health.  I tried many health and wellness modalities from around the world. 

I discovered health psychology, Chinese Medicine,

Ayurveda, and acupuncture.   


I dove deeper into knowing; how trauma can be released from my whole body, how to soothe my chronic stress response, how to calm my nervous system with breath and movement, and that

food is my best medicine. 


Body-centered therapy and bodywork (therapeutic massage, energy work and acupuncture) became part of my consistent and crucial self-care routine. I continued to seek more and more...eventually becoming a Masters level mental health counselor, a massage therapist, aromatherapist and yoga teacher. I was immersed in holistic living and supporting others on their path to healing. 


In my early 30's, I found a loving partner and we started

a family. We had three amazing daughters who lit up our

world with magic and more love than we both could have ever imagined.  

The connections and love we shared

as a family of 5 seemed unbreakable and everlasting.  

Being a mom was honestly not my calling, but it ended up being the greatest gift of my lifetime.  Mothering taught me infintely more about my deepest needs and desires; the splendor and challenges of raising children; and how to nurture my adult relationships.

Then one day, our family life devastatingly fell apart.

My husband and the girls' dad, died tragically, and without warning, from deep, dark depression. In a heartbeat, the life we were living was turned upside down and inside out. 



made sense anymore,

and everything,

needed to change.


Surviving to Thriving


The saddness and fear, layered with gut wrenching physical pain, was like nothing I had ever experienced. Not only was I living in my own suffering, I was also holding my children's grief.  At the time, it seemed impossible to find a way out of the darkness. 

Traumatic loss takes you down a dark and scary path.  At times you think you are supposed to run up the path as fast as you can so you can reach the "end"; other times you want to take a rocky side trail because it has to be better than the path you are on; frequently, you want to hide in a hole; and often others are telling you the path has already ended or you should just go home.   

I can honestly say, none of these approaches work. I needed to take each step on the path thoughfully; literally feeling my way, one step at a time, breathing, moving, slowing way down, and taking moments of stillness along the way.


I want to raise my children to honor their feelings, to breathe through stress and anxiety, to trust themselves, to be openminded, brave, kind, creative, and nurture positive relationships.  I want them to grow and bloom by embracing the challenges they are facing. I want them to be kind, amazing humans who embody their full authentic selves.  This perspectve on parenting laucnhed me into the next chapter of my life. Instinctively, I knew what I needed to do next in my life.  I needed to trust it.

I gave myself tremendous grace, stepped boldly along this strange unknown path of grief, loss, and dramatic changes; felt all the feelings (saddness, anger, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion

to name a few), and opened my mind to what it means to embrace my life and who I need and want to be. I walked right into the fire, with all my saddness and fear.


I embodied my inner warrior, and trusted I was on the right path for me and my children. Then, another interesting thing started to happen. I started to feel moments of true joy, happiness; even, peacefullness, safety, comfort, and connection with others, while also experiencing fear and pain.  The more I felt, the more I healed. The more I tuned into what my body, mind, and soul needed, the more I healed.  The more I consciously connected with other humans, the more I healed. The more I healed, the more my girls blossomed. 


Today, the girls and I are living a peaceful life full of kaleidoscopic beauty. Often life is messy and hard, but we always find our way to gratitude and wonder.   We are still walking on the path of grief, and always will be, but it looks much different these days. 

As I continue to deeply listen, feel and embody sensations in my body, breathe, eat and connect mindfully, and move my body with yoga and dance; I know that my body and brain are strong and healthy. I know that if I keep going, keep trying, keep exploring, and keep nurturing joy, great things will happen for me and my family. With each day, I let go of more fear and worry about the past and future. I am able to live a more present, conscious, mindful existance here on this. plant.. I feel the shift from being in survival mode to living in a thriving mindset. 

I believe humans have unlimited potential to heal deep pain, build resilience, and nurture a conscious life full of happiness.  My experiences through trauma, loss, anxiety, and grief, along with my training and expertise in a diversity of holistic health modalities, brought me to a pivotal point on my journey.  My vision is for all humans live beautiful lives, amidst the messiness, where they feel emotionally safe, empowered, and joyful inside and out!  


I will coach, teach, and support you to breathe, feel, grow, and embody the most beautiful expresssion of yourself.  If you give love, patience,and compassion to

yourself, your experiences, and your journey, 

anything is possible. 

You have the ability to live

the life of your dreams!!

I am here to encourage you, on your unique path of moving from survival mode to a thriving mindset.  

I am here to guide you on your personal journey of healing yourself, and nurturing conscious relationships with others. 

My Experience & Expertise!


  • Mom of 3, Writer, Dancer

  • 25 years combined experience as a counselor, coach, teacher, and bodyworker

  • Professional Speaker

  • Certified Dare To Declare Vision Board Facilitator

  • High Performing Coach

  • Certified in Parent-Infant Mental Health

  • Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology (Specialized in Palliative & Bereavement Care)

  • Advanced Certification in Elementary Education

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

  • Yoga Teacher with Advanced Training in Yoga Psychology & Trauma -Informed Care

  • Trained Birth Doula + Birth Class Educator

  • Plant Oil Alchemist

  • NYS Licensed Massage Therapist - specializing in Women's Health, Pregnancy, & Palliative Care

  • Infant Massage Instructor 

  • Reiki Master

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Coaching Sessions WORLDWIDE

via ZOOM & Occasionally In-Person (if you are Local to the Berkshires & Surrounding Areas)

Tel: 518-810-6551

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