I am Jenny Baltazar

of Wild Blossom Coaching. 


I believe we are all connected. I envision a world where individuals, couples, families, children and communities are all thriving.  I invite you to begin the journey of letting go of fears, finding your joy, and thriving in your life - here and now.


Within you, the mind, body and soul are beautifully integrated and seemlessly communicating.   In order to understand your own unique needs, wants, and desires, you have to DEEPLY listen.

Thriving happens when you truly embody your WHOLE self from the inside-out.  You trust in your innate ability to heal by cultivating patience, confidence, and resilience.  You embrace yourself as an imperfectly perfect human!  


When you are thriving, your whole SELF experiences freedom, happiness, and peace. You feel it in your BODY, MIND and SOUL. Life seems to flow with ease, and your life's purpose is remarkably clear. 




When you are thriving...

YOU have compassion for your SELF and others.

You are kind and patient with yourself, letting emotions move through your mind and your body. 


Thriving is the ability to experience sadness, worry, overwhelm, pain, loss, or grief; alongside joy, happiness, playfulness, intimacy and connection. 


Others witness you, and naturally harness the power to grow and bloom too.  Thriving is contagious!









I’m here to encourage and remind you...

Create your own safe, healing space to breathe, feel, move, and grow...

Nurture yourself and your relationships in a mindful way...

Pay Attention to your feelings, especially the hard ones, because this is the path to discover the life of your dreams...


Keep going...

The world NEEDS YOU!

YOU have the ability to THRIVE and EXPERIENCE TRUE JOY!  I am here, holding space for you to blossom.

I am here...

to Encourage you,

to Teach you,

to Empower you,

to Remind you...

Be Empowered By Your Emotions & Embody The Life of Your Dreams 
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12-Month Post-Traumatic Growth Coaching, Meditation,Workshops

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